The Slimy Slow Green


One evening after my studies, I sat down to watch television. Suddenly the door bell rang. I hesitated to open the door as my parents had gone out. However, I made an effort and opened the door. Swoosh! In came a creature dressed in slimy green. I was so scared, that I ran to my room. The creature followed me.

In a shaky voice I asked, “Who are you and why have you come to my house?”

The creature said, “I am a Slimy Slow Green and I have come from a place which is a secret.” I asked the creature if it wanted some water to drink. It replied that it did not drink water. It only drank something called “apple boggle”. I wondered what apple boggle was. The creature saw an apple in the fruit basket on the table and said, ” Apple boggle is the liquid form of apple.”

I went into the kitchen and made some apple juice for the creature. As I sat near it, I felt that the creature’s behaviour was like someone known to me. The Slimy Slow Green then looked at the clock and said, “Oh no! I’d better hurry. Your mom is waiting for me. We had planned to go shopping.”

When I heard this, I realized that the creature was in fact my dad! I ran towards him and wiped his face clean. He laughed and said,”You caught me! I am sorry if I frightened you.”

Till today I feel like laughing whenever I think of my dad as the Slimy Slow Green!


Monisha Kulkarni

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