I am Sunita Saldhana and the Know & Grow Learning Centre is a result of me having the courage to follow my dream of helping people realise theirs.

As early as the age of 15, I realised that people who are entrusted with

educating us have the power to make or break us and it angered me that most of the time they used that power to belittle or put down the very people they were meant to impart wisdom to. Words like dumbo, idiot, gadhe, tere bheje gutne mein hai , tu kabhi nahin sudhrega, abound in the class room and at home.

As a result we start doubting our ability, we start doubting ourselves, we forget the wonderful person we really are.

I wanted to change that. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help people to believe in themselves and succeed in life. And that is how the seed for The Know & Grow Learning Centre was started. You can read about it here.

It took many years and many detours. I became a teacher. I became a mother. I became a sales consultant with a company selling educational material. I became a Trainer with them. And all the while, the seed bid its time, nourishing itself with all the learning that my various roles in life gave me.
And finally on the 19th of April, 2008, I gave up my job and started “The Know &Grow learning Centre”
Today eight years later, it’s time to let my baby grow and let the more people experience the happiness that has come from succeeding in life.

And so here we are with our very own website and blog and a lot of wonderful courses to ‘help people succeed’ because that is our vision and that is what we continuously strive for.

So who’s Toki? The Know and Grow Mascot

 Hi, I’m TOKi. I got my name from the Tree Of Knowledge. I think TOKi is a nice name, don’t you? Knowledge is just like a tree. It has deep roots which helps form your personality. In fact it is intrinsic to it. It gives you a strong base from which you can grow. That is also how the name Know & Grow was conceived; because knowledge always leads to growth. So here’s to a lovely journey of knowing and growing!