Wednesday: 09/05/2018 11:05 am

“Burp!” The sound comes from my backpack and surprises me. I try to look into my bag using my mind. I sense a life force, but it is non threatening. More than that I can’t see as it is too dark in the bag.

“Bother! Now I’ll have to stop and open my bag.” I grumble before yelling, “Maizie! What are you doing in my bag?” I look at my cute, bratty pup who is sitting in my bag, looking as innocent as could be, with her mouth full of the cheese balls I had bought for Kaila.

Kaila loves these cheese balls and when they went out of stock at the shop near her place, she had asked me to pick up a packet for her. Now she is sure to be mad at me.

Kaila waves at me from across the school ground and asks me if I had got the cheese balls. I message her and tell her what happened and she sends me an angry emoji in reply. I reply that I understand her feelings but it was all Maizie’s fault.

Wednesday: 09/05/2018 Time: 1:15 pm

Just finished maths class. I am now in the bathroom, writing in my diary. Waiting for school to get over in an hour.

2:15 pm

School is over. I’m heading home with Kaila and Maizie. Suddenly time stands still. Everyone except Kaila, Maizie and I are frozen. I sense danger everywhere.

“What in the world just happened?” Kaila shouts.

“Shush!” I say.  I can feel danger all over the world; in New York City, Washington DC, Brooklyn Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, London, Canada, Seoul…everywhere! But the highest reading is in Brooklyn, which is 55 miles away from here. I have to call Monic, Raven and Charles. My dad lives in Brooklyn too. I just hope they are not frozen in time too. I am going to pack and leave.

4:07 pm

Kaila and I are running. OMG! Maizie is still in my backpack!  “We’ve reached Brooklyn” says Kaila. “Let’s walk to their house.”

“Fine”, I reply back. Maizie will have to stay with us. She is most probably safer that way.

4:21 pm

We find Raven, Monic and Charles outside their house. We try to get Raven to use her powers to see the future, but her power is not yet strong enough. She needs more practice.

Suddenly I sense something. I know we have to go to an abandoned building some distance away. I realise that it was Edios, a mutant from another planet who is causing all the trouble. His own planet had been destroyed and he wants to destroy Earth. His army is using the abandoned building as a base.

I know I can destroy his army with a smack while applying my lip balm. But Edios is another matter. I have to try and destroy him too. I say try because he is really very, very strong and I don’t know if I will be able to destroy him. We decide to rest and attack at midnight when they won’t expect us.

Thursday 10/05/2018   Time: 00:02 am

We have killed the army. Now we are going after Edios.

00:07 am

Right now I am fighting Edios. It is hard to write while fighting.

“You never learn do you? You are just a kid like the others.”

“Actually, I never learn. And I am not a kid. I am a teenager. You are really very irritating when you try to make conversation.”

“Puny teenager!”

“Oh no! You didn’t just call me that!”

“I know all about you. Your brother, your mother and even your father!”

“Don’t you dare talk about my family!”

“Yaaaarrrgh! I am going to kill you!” I say.

“Hahaha! Kill me?” Edios laughs. That was his mistake plus the fact that he spoke about my father. I charged at him and turned him to ashes. That is what the power of my anger can do. I can kill anyone with it.

The minute Edios is destroyed, I see my Dad near the Brooklyn Bridge. Since the sense of danger is still the strongest from there, we decide to go there.

Let me tell you a little about my Dad. When I was two years old, my father realised that even at that age I was growing stronger than him. So he tried to kill me. My nine year old brother, Jacob, sacrificed himself to save me and I have hated my father ever since. My friends know all about this, but we never talk about it.

Now seeing my father here in weird clothes and an even weirder hairstyle, I have a bad feeling. But I have to know what he is up to.

00.20 am

“Dad, what are you doing here? And how come you aren’t frozen?”

“Darling, I created the freeze. So how can I get frozen?”

“What? Why?”

“To bring you here. I created Edios and his army a long time before you were born. I had created them for the safety of our world. But then you were born and as you grew stronger, I grew weaker. Soon you had depleted half my strength. I had to get you here where your strength is the weakest.  I knew that you would come to save the world and so I told Edios to destroy it.”

“You did all this for power? You killed Jacob and now you want to kill me for power?”

“Yes, I did!”

“Oh it’s on Darwin!” I scream using his name. I can no longer bear to call him Dad.

2.47 am

Okay, It’s me Kaila Jenner, writing for Bailey. She asked me to write for her while she fought her dad. I know right! Fighting with one’s own dad. But this is a different story, though.

OMG! They are fighting like Harry Potter and Voldemort! Something magical is happening.

Yes! Bailey is winning! Come on! Come on! You can do it Bailey! She has knocked her father to the ground and he is screaming much more than Bailey.

But he is not dead yet. Oh no! He is escaping! Bailey, stop him!

“I can’t. I’m sorry!” Bailey gasps “I don’t have the energy.” We rush to her and pick her up and leave from there.

5:07 am

It’s still me Kaila writing. We are on our way home and Bailey is fast asleep. Her father managed to escape.

7:15 am

This is Bailey. I am back. I’m in my room and time has got unfrozen. Everything is fine now except for the fact that my father escaped. I was unable to stop him. But tomorrow is my birthday and every birthday, I grow stronger and dad grows weaker.

Thank God for my friends. Kaila dropped me home and I had a good sleep. Well then, gotta run to school. I don’t want to be late for Chemistry!


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