(This is Yeshvi’s first story. She is just 7 years old and I can already see her writing many more stories as she grows. She wrote this story as part of my Creative Writing course during the summer camp.)


Once there was a squirrel named Flopsy. She lived with her mother in a beautiful forest.  In the forest there were many beautiful trees in which birds and other animals made their homes.  There was a lake in the middle of the forest.  Animals from the forest came here to drink and bathe.

Flopsy sat in her nest and heard the sounds of birds chirping, the wind blowing, leaves rustling and the gurgle of water.

“I love this place but I wish I had a friend”, she told her mother.

“Then why don’t you go out and make friends?” her mother asked her.

“That’s a great idea”, said Flopsy.

“Flopsy, take some fruit and nuts with you in your bag”, her mother advised.

“I will”, she said and happily scampered down the tree.

On the way Flopsy saw an injured bird on the forest floor.

“What happened?” she asked

“I fell down from my nest”, the bird told her.

Flopsy knew that she should not touch the baby bird as its parents would come to help it back to the nest.

“I am waiting for my mum and dad, but I am very hungry”, said the little bird.

“Here have some berries”, said Flopsy.

“Thank you”, said the little bird.

Flopsy was about to ask the bird to be her friend when his parents came and took him back up to the nest. Flopsy went sadly on her way.

Suddenly she heard somebody crying. “Who is it?’ she asked.

She heard a voice saying, “I am Frisky, the squirrel.”

“Why are you crying?” asked Flopsy.

“I am crying because we were going to the forest but some naughty boys came and pelted stones on us. I managed to escape but my parents were fatally injured”, and she started weeping again.

“Oh, you poor thing!” said Flopsy. I‘ll ask my mother if you can come and stay with us.”

When they reached home, Flopsy narrated the story to her mother who said, “Frisky is too small to live alone in the forest. Of course she can live with us.”

And that is how Flopsy got a friend.



Sumit Bhalotia · May 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Superb my baby!! Love this first story of yours and wish u many and many more to come. Love u my bacha!!

Jyothi · May 16, 2018 at 3:47 am

Proud of you Yashvi…. May you continue to explore your creativity in as many ways as possible…

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