This was a session in which the students were given a prompt and had to continue the story.





Dragon in a bathtub


 Paul was late for school. He ran into the bathroom to brush his teeth and tripped over something.  A long, thick green tail was hanging out of the bathtub. Paul pulled the shower curtain back, and there was a dragon! A dragon in the bath tub!


Paul stared at the dragon. The dragon gave him a dirty look. “Do you mind?” said the dragon. “I’m trying to take a bath!”


Paul had to do something quick! He stepped back. “What are … doing…here?” Paul choked the words out. “I will ….call the cops on you.”


The dragon grinned and said, “Would you? I have come to tour the earth with some of my dragon friends. But unfortunately I got separated from them.” As the dragon spoke these words a puff of smoke erupted from his nose.


The dragon slowly emerged from the bathtub. Paul could see its whole body now. The dragon’s skin was scaly with some soap still on it. It had huge claws which could slice almost anything. It smelled like raw fish and seaweed. The dragon had a huge horn on its head and its teeth were as sharp as knives and it looked as if it might have a huge bite force!


The dragon came towards Paul and said, “Will you take me for a tour of the earth? I have wings” “Y…yes” Paul managed to say. “Sit on my back and we can leave!” said the dragon excitedly.


“First, we will go and see the pyramids of Egypt,” said Paul.


The dragon soared through the air and pointed at food stalls to stop for a break through out the journey. When the two of them reached the pyramids, they went into one and flew to the top of another.


They were on top of a pyramid talking, when suddenly the dragon sneezed and fire erupted from his nose. The pyramid was on fire!


They flew away as fast as they could. “I want to go home!” wailed the dragon.


Then suddenly a much bigger dragon appeared from nowhere and said, “I see food!”


The other dragon looked a bit like Paul’s dragon, but it was a lot more ferocious. It had bloodshot eyes and its skin was a very dark shade of black. The dragon had rows of sharp teeth.


It roared and charged at Paul, but Paul steered his dragon out of the other dragon’s way. Paul and his dragon fought fiercely, but they were no match for their enemy. Just then a group of dragons came and chased the bad dragon away.


“Thank you for saving our friend,” said a red dragon who looked like their leader. “I hope our little friend here did not cause you any trouble.”


“Trouble!” yelled Paul. “This dragon which you call small, almost got me killed!”


“It will not happen again,” said the red dragon. “We are going back home.”


“Goodbye!” said Paul and the dragons flew back to where they came from.


“I flew on a dragon and burned a pyramid in one day!” muttered Paul. “What a day!”



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