School to Campus

School to Campus

Your baby is suddenly so grown up. No longer a baby but a young man or lady. School is done and college beckons. And as a parent, you are at the same time proud and apprehensive.

College is a different life altogether. Out of the safe haven of school they are thrown into the whirlpool of life. No one is going to hold their hands anymore. They now have to take the first steps towards success on their own. They have to create themselves and project an image of themselves that comes across as confident and mature.

Unfortunately schools concentrate on academic learning and like skills take a back seat.

Our School to Campus is a programme to help your child make the transition from the protected atmosphere of school to the wider campus of college easily. This course is held once a year in the vacations between finishing school and starting college.

It will help them

• Be more confident
• Be assertive
• Handle emotions
• Resist negative peer pressure
• Set goals and prioritise things
• Learn to communicate effortlessly
• Solve problems effectively
• Learn to make good decisions
• Choose a healthy life

• 10 sessions of 2 hours each.
• Every Saturday and Sunday.
• Fees: ₹5000/-

At: The Book Culture, Kids Library. Tropical Lagoon Shopping Complex, Anand Nagar , Thane (W)

So call 9892939062 now to enrol for our batch starting this May