Let’s Write 2018

A Course in Grammar and Creative Writing


“My son always loses his marks when it comes to writing essays”

“Pranav knows his matter, but when he just can’t seem to find the right words”

“Amita has an amazing imagination. I wish I could help her write those stories that she creates in her head.”

Does that sound familiar? Does that sound like your child?

Well all that can change. No more losing marks because of essays. No more searching for the right word. No more struggling to put your thoughts and feelings on paper. No more feeling a lack of confidence because of a lack of communication skills.

“Let’s Write” is a programme designed to help you with all this and more.

The course consists of reading, talking about what we have read, vocabulary development, Grammar for practical writing and exercises in creative writing like stories, poems, essays, book reviews etc.

  • Starting: 16th June, 2018
  • Sessions: 36 sessions of two hours each
  • Age group: 7 to 14 years
  • Very limited seats per batch.

To give your child the gift of confidence with “Let’s Write” call now on: 9892939062