Does your child have a problem writing good essays?

Does he lose opportunities to take part in drama and other public speaking activities because of a lack of communication skills?

Is she losing her grades because her answers are not well written?

Today success is not a luxury, it is a necessity and one of the greatest impediments to success is the inability to communicate effectively. A lot of problems can be avoided with better communication.

We understand how important our children’s success is to us and therefore we have developed a variety of short term courses that will help enhance their personality and perfect their communication skills.

All the courses are conducted by Sunita Saldhana who is a published poet and writer.

She has been writing since the age of 13. She is now a “retired mom” with both her kids having flown from the nest and is now concentrating on her writing.

She has worked as a corporate trainer and now conducts various courses for kids on developing reading skills, creative writing, speaking with confidence and other Life Skills.

She absolutely loves being a woman with all of its myriad facets. Her book, “Who shall I be today?” is a celebration of the joy of being a woman, even in pain and frustration.

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Courses offered

Grammar and Creative Writing

Speech & Drama

Life Skills